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Framing Products Offered at Frames on James, Yarmouth, NS

Coral is confident in the integrity and quality of all custom framing materials used at Frames on James. By offering a wide selection, she can find a solution for every style and budget. Frames on James is located conveniently on the corner of James Street and Main. Coral’s professional and friendly service is guaranteed to impress. Make an impression with a positive statement about yourself, your home, or your business.

Possible Frame Projects

• family photos • military medals • achievement awards
• needlework of all types • sports jerseys • priceless heirlooms
• certificates and diplomas • documents and maps • historical artifacts
• repair and restoration frames • mirrors and stained glass • shadow boxes
• floral arrangements • dry mounting • perma-plaquing
• canvas stretching

Contact us your Yarmouth frame shop to see the endless possibilities we can do for you.

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